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Tri Trac offers a number of products developed & maintained under Software Development Division. SDD Is Working Under A Principle Of ‘Be First & Be Fast’ To Build Reputation & Be Among The Pioneers For Technological Update In The IT Market.

The Synergetic Strength Of An Enterprising Workforce Has Been The Company’s Success Formula For Years. A Vision To Transform The World And To Transform Tomorrow! We Believe Software Is No Better Than Its Testing. SDD Has Developed Its Expertise In Providing Scalable, Resilient And Customized Software Applications For Budding Businesses, Traders & Manufacturers, Retail And Wholesale Enterprises, Logistic Companies And Small Or Large Industrial Setups. SDD Has Been Able To Deliver Advanced, End-To-End Software Solutions To Support The Entire Spectrum Of Any Business.

eOrder biz app

A perfect app for order placement and management.

eOrder biz app is a mobile app for B2B like distributors & manufacturers. It is designed to facilitate their customers with an easy-to-use mobile app for bringing orders in real-time, in order to fasten the process.

eOrder biz app helps entrepreneurs to showcase their new
products in market to their clientele.

Business benefits of eOrder biz app

  • Real-time order from customers
  • API integration with all ERP
  • Payment gateway
  • Chat room
  • Regular notifications

eOrder biz app is designed to facilitate and automate the order fulfillment process,
reducing the time in the order-to-cash cycle and improving order processing
efficiency for suppliers and wholesalers.
eOrder biz app can integrate with any ERP, and will occasionally overlap in

Trac ERP

TracERP is used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their business. TracERP is important to companies because TracERP helps them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. TracERP can integrate production planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, and finance.

You can think of TracERP as the glue that binds together the different departments for an organization. Without TracERP application, each department would have its system optimized for its specific tasks. With TracERP, each department still has its system, but all of the systems can be accessed through one application with one interface.

TracERP can help a corporation become more self-aware by linking information about the production, finance, distribution together. Because it connects different departments used by each part of a business, TracERP can eliminate costly duplicate and incompatible task. The process often integrates accounts payable, stock control systems, order-monitoring systems, and customer databases into one system.

Trac Accounting

Trac Accounting is used by accounting professionals to process financial transactions like accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, tax compliance, general ledger, cash flow analysis, trial balance, income and expense statements, and balance sheets.

With the reports generated, an organization can get glimpse of how they are performing financially and create future budgets. Trac Accounting enables the efficient and fast processing of financial transactions. Automation of processes leads a reduction of staff costs who previously be engaged in manual processing of data. Records are automatically kept up to date.

Trac Order

TracOrder is the order-to-cash sales process that sits at the heart of any goods-based B2C and B2B company. Put simply, it’s the end-to-end cycle of receiving and processing a customer order through to fulfillment.

TracOrder helps control the process between customers placing an order and the product going out for delivery. It tracks sales, stock and fulfilment as well as ensuring all processes and people in-between is kept informed and up-to-date.

Trac Inventory

Trac Inventory is the combination of technology and processes and procedures that oversee the monitoring and maintenance of stocked products, whether those products are company assets, raw materials and supplies, or finished products ready to be sent to vendors or end consumers. Trac Inventory provides a central database and point of reference for all inventories, coupled with the ability to analyze data, generate reports, forecast future demand, and more.With help of MRP (Material Requisition Planning) Trac Inventory makes production planning and scheduling easy, together with helping your business to remain on top of production operations.

Accurate automatic planning and realistic production schedule. Inventory management, stock movements, batch and serial number tracking. Set and optimize stock levels and avoid stock-outs. Have a clear history of your stock operations.

Trac FCM

TracFCM software is a self service and collaborative Financial Consolidation application that automates and improves the entire consolidation process. With TracFCM the Finance managers own the consolidation and complete the close process easily and report financial results faster and meet the global regulatory requirements with very low cost of compliance with authenticated financial numbers to trust. It provides financial analysis and operational analysis helpful for top management and operational management decision making.

TracFCM is a robust Financial Data Warehouse that stores standard regulatory reporting requirements to publish financial statements and other reports. TracFCM is the core of the entire compliance framework and helps organizations meet the stringent financial regulatory compliance requirements.

KEY FEATURES: – User Access Control, Multi-Currency Management, Export and Email of Reports, Automatic Trial Balances import from your SAP/ CBS/ FA/ other ERP system, ETC.

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Trac Production

Accurately track all of your production planning processes with Trac Production. It is designed to work the way you do.
From the manufacturing processes you use in your factory, to the critical information you must keep organized while managing your material through , Trac production offers production planning and control tools that enhance productivity and accuracy throughout the entire production process.